Symbi has launched!

We are proud to announce the official launch of the Symbi service, at Symbi matches Room-Seekers with Room-Holders (people trying to fill an empty room in their apartment). We pair roommates together based on compatibility, leading to happier homes and happier people. The launch is a big first step toward that vision!

There are three main problems we are trying to solve with Symbi.

1) Informed decision-making


One of the biggest pain points we hear from roommate hunters today is incomplete information. Apartment posts on Craigslist are sorely lacking – even if a room’s description is adequately filled out, sufficient information on the roommates themselves is hard to come by. Roommate hunters are forced make decisions with little to go off of. Is it any wonder this leads to poor matches and tense living situations down the line?

One reason behind this lack of information is privacy -Craigslist can be a big, scary place. Another is simply not knowing the right questions to ask, and the New York City housing market is full of unique quirks.

Symbi solves these problems in a few ways. Through thorough research we have identified the most important factors that lead to good roommate matches. We ask users to populate a profile answering these questions. This ensures users are making informed decisions about their future homes. We also verify all our users so that people can feel more comfortable sharing pertinent information about their lives.

2) Efficient Communication

One of the reasons people find roommate hunting so darn painful is because of the sheer inefficiency of the current process. Room-holders have to sift through hundreds of responses (yes, you read that right, hundreds!), while Room-seekers can do little but cross their fingers that their carefully crafted emails don’t get lost in a sea of noise.


Symbi can do much better. We allow users to quickly go through compatible users and rooms and rate how much they would like to live with them. Mutual interest between potential roommates unlocks messaging. This process allows users to quickly and informedly prune down the list of candidates to only those with whom it could actually work out. (Plus we’ve been told it’s pretty fun.) They can then focus their time and efforts on these compatible matches, and take it from there.

3) The Whole Picture

A happy home is where three things line up: you, your roommate, and your apartment.

matchesRoomseekerScreenshotCraigslist centers around the apartment alone: “Yeah, I guess I’d live there.” Reaching out to those in your network focuses on the personality fit: “Sure, I’d live with her.” Symbi synthesizes the two, bringing together roommates who can feel at home together.

So check us out at, and tell all your apartment-dwelling friends in NYC. Here’s to happier homes and happier people in 2015!


Simone & Peter