Announcing New User-Room Profile and Group Discussions

Hey Symbi readers!

It’s been a great month over here at Symbi, filled with record numbers of new users, matched roommates galore, and lots of new feature work. We’d like to let you know about two big improvements we’ve made to the Symbi experience.

When Two Become One

(Extra points if you caught the Spice Girls reference.)

The first big feature change is combining the user profile and room profile for people posting an open room in their apartment (what we call a “roomholder”). When we started Symbi, a roomholder had a user profile separate from their room profile. We had hoped this would allow roomseekers to make unbiased roommate/room evaluations independently, but we learned that it hindered users more than it helped them. Many thanks to those of you who sent us feedback on this, as it alerted us to the problem and allowed us to prioritize solving it.

Now when you go to the Rate Users experience, you’ll find roomholders’ profiles contain information about them as a roommate as well as their room, all in one place. Roomseekers can filter between seeing roomholders and other roomseekers, depending on whether you’re looking to move into an open room or seeking out someone else to go apartment-hunting with.

We also took this opportunity to revamp the Symbi profile with the help of our design intern Sara! The new profile fits more information and allows you to message a user before moving on to the next. Lookin’ good, no?


Group Discussions

The other big feature we’ve added is Group Discussions in our messaging experience. After building Symbi messaging, we’ve seen a high interest in groups forming organically. We get that – living with more roommates certainly brings living costs even lower. According to one study, living with one roommate brings one’s living expenses down 29%. Adding another roommate creates an additional savings of 13%, for a total savings of 42%!

In order to meet this need for multiple people messaging together, we’ve now created Group Discussions to get everyone on the same page. You can add up to four potential roommates in a discussion. In order to prevent message overload, you can only start a Discussion with people who have messaged you 1:1 before.

You can start a new Discussion from the Messages page:


We hope you enjoy these new additions to the Symbi experience. Give us a shout anytime with suggestions, feedback, or puns at And please keep in touch by liking us and following us, and help us spread the word!


The Symbi Team


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