May Roommate of the Month Contest

As the voice of roommates everywhere, we at Symbi are excited to announce our first-ever Roommate of the Month contest! We’re on a mission to find the best of the best in shared living.

We get it – being a great roommate isn’t always easy. (#DirtyDishes) Symbi appreciates you making it work, and we want to reward you.

Are you or a friend a spectacular roommate?

Have you ever:

  • Brought a hungover friend a coffee and bagel in bed?
  • Trekked into a snowstorm for a TP run?
  • Driven to the airport at 7 am to deliver a roomie’s forgotten passport?

YOU just may be Symbi’s Roommate of the Month!

How it works

Nominate yourself or a friend by submitting your/their most roomie-tastic deed for the chance to win a Seamless gift card!

  1. Just post your story:
  2. Get your friends to vote for you by liking or retweeting your post.
  3. Most likes/retweets at the end of May wins Roommate of the Month!



The post with the most votes (likes/retweets) will win a gift card for

  • 25-75 votes = $25 gift card
  • 76-150 votes = $40 gift card
  • 150+ votes = $50 gift card

Looking for your own roommate of the month? Start your Symbi search today for a roommate you can brag about!

Got a question?

Shoot us a line anytime at or using the Feedback button on the top right of

Happy roommating!
-The Symbi Team


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