Introducing our first #SymbiSpecial!

At Symbi, we’ve been working hard to build an experience that makes it easy, fun, and efficient to find great potential roommates and start the conversation. That said, when it comes to assessing roommate fit, nothing beats meeting up in person for the final say. You wouldn’t agree to be in a year-long contractually-obligated relationship with someone you only ever talked to, would you? (We would like to see someone try though. Marketing campaign??)

A great roommate relationship is based on communication and shared interests. So we are excited to announce our first-ever #SymbiSpecial! For a limited time only, every time you meet up with one of your Symbi Matches in person, coffee’s on us! Simply take a selfie with the two of you and post it to our Facebook wall or Twitter, and send us the receipt at

coffeeTurq  coffeeNavy   coffee

Meeting up at the apartment in question? No problem – grab your potential roomie’s coffee to go! (Trust us, this makes for major brownie points. And brownies are delicious.) We’ve now added “coffee preference” as a question in your Symbi profile, to make sure you get it right. Go ahead to to update your own!

Happy Valentine’s Day from Symbi. We wish you and your future roomie many great times ahead!


Simone & Peter

Symbi Co-Founders


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